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Our Products


ChromaticLove is a simple API proxy for Instagram. It's currently a free service and is the easiest way to add your Instagram pictures to any website without exposing your Instagram credentials to the web.


Our most recent iOS product is ToDone, a to-do app that takes the pain out of keeping a to-do list. It's available on iOS. If you want it on Android, let us know!


Our other product is a free app called SignalFlare. It is available today on iOS.

With revision 1.1 of SignalFlare, we launched a simple web service to share GPS coordinates called sgnl. It takes a latitude and longitude and returns a device-appropriate link to a map. Right now, it supports iOS & Android, but will support other options in the future.

We have a few other apps in the pipeline, so subscribe to our blog or follow us on Twitter if you want the latest and greatest.

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