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SignalFlare is all about telling someone "Hey, I'm over here!" without broadcasting it to the Internet.

SignalFlare lets you tell your spouse, "I had to move the car, I'm parked over here." It lets you tell your friends, "We're sitting over here" at a concert. It's a really simple application that requires two things: a phone with a GPS & compass and text messaging. It's designed to work in crowded locations or where coverage is weak, so it doesn't use your 3G/Internet connection at all.

How it works

When you fire up SignalFlare and tell it to send your location, it uses your phone's GPS and locks onto your position. Then, it takes your location and creates a text message for you with a special link. Right from the app, you can customize and send that message to any contact in your addressbook. When they receive your text message, they can tap on the link and SignalFlare will present them with an arrow pointing the way to your location.

The text message will also contain a link to Google Maps. That will cover your friends who don't have SignalFlare installed. They just won't get the arrow pointing the way.

Please note: SignalFlare simply points the straight line route to a location. It doesn't know about obstructions or other hazards that might be in the way. In other words, use your common sense when using the app and be safe. Also, be aware that the application uses your phone's text messaging service, so normal messaging rates will apply.


SignalFlare is available on the App Store

Android version is in development now.


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