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Many productivity and task-list apps feel like overkill, with multi-step processes to learn and lots of new habits to form. ToDone is different. Focus on a manageable list of tasks you can accomplish today. In the evening, review how you did and pick the items you'll focus on tomorrow. That's the entire workflow. Just make a list, check it off, repeat.

Feel free to send us any feedback or suggestions for how we can improve ToDone. We welcome your input. Upgrade to unlock settings for the number of to do items, themes, and to view your complete history.

For more information about this minimal approach, check out the writing that inspired ToDone below.

Inspiration for ToDone

Zen To Done: The Ultimate Simple Productivity System

The Today Card


ToDone is available on the App Store


Questions, concerns, or comments? You can use the in-app feedback button, located under the Settings card or simply visit our support site.

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